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How to Read this Document
This document is the final document of three that make up the complete documentation
of this project. This document includes the previous two reports.
Information that is included in a box, such as this one, is intended to provide
useful tips and notes to support the documentation.
Code samples and code elements within text are mono-spaced. For example, the sample
below describes a basic iteration over the collection
iterator = someCollection.iterator();
element =;
// do something with element
Some code samples include a caption number, these numbers are used to reference the
samples. An index of all the code samples can be found near the back of this document.
In instances where material, ideas, or new-ideas are drawn from existing work the text
will include one or more citation. Citations in the text are surrounded by square braces.
A citation is formed of the author, editor, or organisations name and the year of
publication. For a complete reference of please refer to the bibliography which can be
found near the back of this document.
All quotes are encapsulated in double speech-marks. Short quotes are written in-line
with text, for example, a quote in 20,000 quips and quotes reminds us "without wisdom,
knowledge is more stupid than ignorance" [Esa68].
Longer and or more complex quotes will appear in indented blocks of italic text, for
example, Sandburg stated that [San99]:
"I came to see how the common people close to the earth by their day-to-day usage of words
make changes in their simplest speech; the scholars and poets of an earlier time can be read
only with a dictionary to help"
A diary of events and on-going information about this project is available on-line: